Gigglebit: Finally, an end to tangled-up ear phones

7 Nov 2014

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In this Gigglebit, we look at the horror that is tangled up earphones, and a brilliant new device to help you out.

Some pretty awesome Indian chaps have invented a cool way to stop your the ever-infuriating earphones from getting tangled, worn down and eventually broken: The Rewind!

No more missing the bus because you can’t get your music going, no more continuous purchasing of soon-to-break earphones – this trio, working through Witworks, have found a way to solve the mother of all problems.

Witworks is a Bangalore-based collaborative invention company which develops and sells consumer products, created by its online community of users; and provides a platform for anyone to join the community and become an inventor. 

These three Indians – Somnath, Chandrashekhar and Ankit – created Rewind to show just what can be done when people stick their minds to genuinely menial problems that can ultimately help out a load of people.

“For solving this problem we carried out an exhaustive study of users’ needs and came up with multiple concepts. We have finally come up with a solution fits perfectly in solving the problem,” say the lads.

“Rewind had been made designed to be of just the right size, to wind earphones of various types and fit very easily into your pocket. Rewind’s design is not just unique, it’s universal. It works fabulously. No more messy or dangling cords.”

Tangled earphones, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic