Huckletree launches co-working models for growing start-ups

21 Nov 2019

Image: Huckletree

The co-working company will offer three new models to start-ups that may be outgrowing their existing spaces in Huckletree.

Today (21 November), Huckletree launched a new co-working model for rapidly growing companies across Dublin. The co-working company revealed its new concept, Huckletree Places, which is dedicated to members who have achieved success beyond the company’s original co-working space model.

The aim of this project is to enable larger sized companies to reach the next phase of growth, while remaining part of the wider the company’s co-working community.

The new concept will provide an extension to businesses that have grown and developed within the Huckletree’s location on Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

New co-working models

From the beginning of 2020, Huckletree will offer three fully serviced workspace models to larger companies that have outgrown their existing work environment.

The first of these models is called the ‘personalised’ model, which offers teams a private space within an existing Huckletree hub, branded and designed to meet a start-up’s needs, which will be fully managed by the Huckletree team.

The second model is the ‘powered by’ model, which is a space designed specifically for each start-up in a location close to an existing Huckletree hub.

The third model is called ‘a new village’. This will be a collaborative hub designed for founders looking for thematic, sector-focused hubs. The co-working space provider plans to work with tenants to deliver the physical fit-out and collaborate on building a community of like-minded and relevant members from the same industry.

‘This is a way of continuing the journey with alumni in a more considered and meaningful way’

Huckletree Places will continue to grant these businesses access to the selection of more than 100 Huckletree investors, the company’s advisory network and its existing hubs across Europe.

Andrew Lynch, co-founder and COO of the business, said: “Despite the traditional co-working model being popular, we have taken pride in accelerating growth among Huckletree members and sharing in their success.

“We are confident we have identified a new method of ensuring members can grow flexibly at the pace and size that they need without giving up the benefits of events, workshops, like-minded people and community – which is what we feel is becoming increasingly invaluable to the wellbeing and ambition of entrepreneurs sustainably succeeding in the long run.

“We’ve also seen that many members who graduate or leave Huckletree stay connected to our network as alumni – this is a way of continuing the journey with alumni in a more considered and meaningful way.”

Earlier this year, Huckletree announced plans to open a new fintech-focused co-working hub in Dublin 4.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic