InfiniLED launches at Tyndall National Institute

8 Jul 2011

A new spin-out company set up by serial entrepreneur Joe O’Keefe that extends the battery life for portable devices has been launched today at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork (UCC).

Called InfiniLED, it is commercialising a new generation of LED technology, which significantly extends the battery life for portable devices such as cameras, mobile phones and laptops, as well as for various medical and analytical instrumentation by producing more usable light, using less energy.

A team of researchers led by Brian Corbett at Tyndall National Institute invented the Micro LED technology and Enterprise Ireland provided funding and support.

Under the Enterprise Ireland Business Partner Programme, O’Keeffe, who has already spun out a series of successful companies, evaluated the commercial potential of the Micro LED, leading to the creation of the company.

Extending battery life five times

“Portable device manufacturers are continuously in search of new technologies that provide end users with extended battery life, while reducing energy usage. Our Micro LED technology extends battery life by up five times relative to the current state-of-the-art for any device with an LCD display,” he said.

“The Micro LED technology brings performance advantages across a broad spectrum of applications. Already, products have been developed to serve LCD display, medical and analytical instrumentation and maskless lithography markets. InfiniLED is actively seeking new applications, new customers and new licensing opportunities. We are in the process of raising investment.”

Roger Whatmore, CEO, Tyndall National Institute, said InfiniLED was “an excellent example of a successful collaboration between researchers, UCC’s Technology Transfer team and external entrepreneurs”.

He noted that Dr Bill Henry, who as a Tyndall employee worked on identifying commercial opportunities for the technology, has now joined InfiniLED as chief commercial officer.

“InfiniLED will continue to access our facilities and expertise in the further development of the Micro LED technology under an access agreement between InfiniLED and Tyndall,” he said.

Photo: Roger Whatmore, CEO, Tyndall National Institute