iNFLUX develops Ireland’s first ‘smart poster’ for EEP

20 Sep 2011

iNFLUX develops Ireland's first 'smart poster' for EEP

A start-up based in Dublin’s Digital Hub called iNFLUX has produced Ireland’s first near field communications (NFC)-enabled smart poster.

NFC technology allows communication and data exchange between two devices in close proximity without the need for additional software applications.

The opportunity of NFC lies in its role as an enabling technology that opens up various forms of communication and transactions in a comfortable, user-friendly way, according to iNFLUX director Fergus Quinn.

“In the same way that people use a straightforward switch to light a room, NFC allows people to use the simple act of touching or placing their device close to something to initiate the desired service.”

iNFLUX was formed as a spin-out from the Enterprise Evolution Programme (EEP) run by Innovo Training and Development in conjunction with IT Tallaght. Its smart poster is designed for the EEP, allowing prospective students, with the tap of an NFC-enabled phone, to access the website, download a brochure and send a text to the admin department requesting a call back – all without having to download an application.

An NFC leader in Europe

Aiming to be a leader in Europe in NFC technology, iNFLUX works alongside PR, advertising, media and digital agencies to produce NFC solutions for their clients.

“Our end-to-end service platform is designed to enhance how customers interact with brands and businesses through our highly targeted proximity marketing applications,” said Quinn.

“iNFLUX is currently engaged in talks with some of the most recognisable brands in the country regarding the potential that NFC has to deliver increased customer interaction and brand loyalty.”