Instidia launches Tweekaboo app to create children’s diary

6 Oct 2011

Cork-based start-up Instidia has launched Tweekaboo, a free iPhone App that allows parents to upload texts, photos and videos captured on their phones to create a secure and private diary that tells the story of their children’s lives.

Tweekaboo also features a private social network to enable secure sharing of photos and videos with family and close friends online. The Cork company spent several months in a private beta phase in which several hundred users trialled the service. It has now shifted to public beta.

“There is a significant international opportunity in this space given the rapid convergence of smartphones, mobile broadband, cloud storage and social networking. People are now looking for more private alternatives to share personal content securely online – especially with family abroad – and that is where we are seeing real traction,” said founder Eugene Murphy.

“We have just launched the public beta version of Tweekaboo and are seeing fantastic engagement, confirming our view that there is a strong demand for platforms that offer users better control over their digital privacy.”

Instidia was recently voted ‘Most Investible Start-up’ by Angel Investors at an event hosted by Cork Business Innovation Centre. Tweekaboo is the first of several applications Instidia intends to launch on its private social networking platform.