Irish Business Intelligence website launched

13 Oct 2010

A new online service that offers SMEs development, marketing and communications advice has been launched.

Irish Business Intelligence (IBI) aims to change business profiles through straight-forward development and communication in business.

According to Olwen Dawe, owner of IBI: “Many Irish SMEs are having great difficulty reaching their audience, pitching themselves correctly or packaging their business and services due to increased competition and difficult trading conditions.”

Endeavour to change

By reaching these companies, Dawe endeavours to change business profiles by “straight-forward development and communications improvements – usually around brand, marketing, customer service – and reviewing opportunities for growth”.

The new SME development and communications consultancy aims to help “hone the direction of your business by reviewing and analysing your business’ SWOT and providing recommendations to maximise your business performance,” according to IBI’s website.

For further information on Irish Business Intelligence, contact or call 087 7997772.