Irish firm buys US social media start-up Shout For It

20 Aug 2011

Walsh Doherty Capital, the Irish based private equity firm, part of the SebDo Global Investment Group today announced it has acquired equity in Texas based social media start-up Shout For It.

The multi-million dollar equity acquisition of Shout For It concluded on 17 August, following substantial negotiations about the launch and future of the social media company.

Shout For It is a start-up social media company with a tech community based target following. It is currently in development and due for launch on the web and as a Smartphone app in late 2011. It is anticipated to bring a new twist to the current fashionable sector of social media based companies.

Social networking for ‘geeks and visionaries’

Founder and self styled “tech geek and all round genius” French born Alexandre Gladieux said today: “I wanted a place were like minded geeks and visionaries, like myself, could meet, chat and network without having to listen to all the non techy stuff on other social media sites. I want to create a global community for us guys.

“To do that, we’ve needed to design and create something new and special. With the seed investment we have confirmed today we can now do that, move to market more quickly, more efficiently and with all the bells and whistles I always wanted. It’s going to be awesome and all my friends around the world are going to want to Shout For It just like me!”

The company currently employs five people but can now appoint two more engineers to assist with the work needed to launch.

Alexandre’s currently developing the site and applications but you can have a quick peek at or read his blogs and tweets on twitter@shoutforit.

Walsh Doherty Capital is one of the most active dealflow firms in Ireland and recently received the coveted Private Equity Firm of the year, as voted by colleagues in industry sector magazine Dealmaker. A full announcement on that will be made in September following the awards.

The firm is planning a brand new California style Start-Up Incubator Scheme in Ireland. The firm is currently based in County Fermanagh but is due to open a new office in Dublin and Cannes, France.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years