Irish mobile app attracts 250,000 users

22 Sep 2010

Irish company SafeBox now has 250,000 users following the launch of its innovative mobile application, which prevents sensitive text messages from being read by anyone but the mobile phone owner.

SafeBox is a mobile privacy application that helps keep text messages private by giving users the choice which content – text messages or contacts – they wish to send and receive within a private circle of contacts.

The entire content of the SafeBox is stored in a PIN-protected space of the phone and is inaccessible without knowledge of the PIN.


“We are delighted to see that our mobile privacy app has already attracted more than a quarter of a million users,” commented Philippe Joly, CEO, SafeBox.

“These numbers will continue to grow fast as we have rolled out in August our worldwide distribution strategy through a strong network of mobile operators and content providers, already live in France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and more on our road map before the end of this year.”

SafeBox mirrors the standard SMS behaviour of the phones, which makes it intuitive and simple to use without requiring any technical knowledge, according to the company.

The application is available in seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian and Italian) and is free to download online, via the web or directly from the mobile phone browser.