Irish start-up QuizFortune launches quiz app on iOS

20 Feb 2014

Vincent Rainey, founder of QuizFortune

QuizFortune, an Irish start-up based in Belfast, is attempting to enter the highly competitive quiz app market with QuizFortune Trivia – The Ultimate Quiz Game, now available on the iTunes App Store.

The app has been in development for more than two years now and quiz master Vincent Rainey, who has 30 years of experience, led its development.

QuizFortune Trivia – The Ultimate Quiz Game consists of 100,000 questions across 700 topics, from ABBA to zoology, and animation to ZZ Top.

Players of the app can compete with friends and issue challenges via Facebook on what they might consider their favourite subjects.

Like many of the latest start-ups and app developers, starting something from nothing required funding and QuizFortune received its initial investment from friends, family and local angel investors.

Its founder Rainey hopes to tap into the growing success of game apps.

“I have always known that playing quizzes gets people hooked. It’s just so natural for people to challenge themselves and their friends. It’s great to see people having fun while at the same time extending their knowledge.”

However, QuizFortune has some serious competition to face in terms of established competitors, such as the Icelandic company Plain Vanilla, whose app, Quiz Up, has millions of downloads each week.  

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic