Irish start-up to revolutionise in-game payments at E3

7 Jun 2011

A new payments model that allows gamers to purchase in-game upgrades and currency in less than 10 seconds via their mobile bills rather than credit cards is being unveiled today at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Dublin firm boxPAY Ltd. has introduced an innovative mobile payment platform for web merchants and game developers. The boxPAY platform utilises SMS technology and does not require any personal information or credit card details.

The charge to the end user is added to their carrier bill – minimising hassle for customers. With the low-resistance model, gamers can purchase in-game upgrades and currency in less than 10 seconds.

boxPAY, an Irish-owned company that has more than 10 years of experience in SMS technology, is now offering web merchants, game and application developers an alternative solution to traditional credit-card billing.

A self-service, web set-up option designed to be user friendly allows merchants to implement the technology on their websites within minutes.

The company is headquartered in Ireland, and is supported by staff in Sydney, Australia, and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Explosion in online gaming and virtual goods

After a successful launch at Internet World in London this May, boxPAY is presenting at the renowned E3 Expo in Los Angeles. The boxPAY team is exhibiting at the E3 Expo in the South Hall at booth 2683.

Co-founder Gavin McConnon explains: “With the explosion in online gaming and virtual goods, the boxPAY platform is perfectly positioned to enable merchants to monetise users on a global scale who do not have access to credit cards”.

“boxPAY shortens the life cycle and makes online purchases simple and to the point. With no credit cards or long forms to fill out, the platform essentially helps merchants convert more users into paying customers,” said Iain McConnon, boxPAY’s other co-founder.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years