Irishman’s TV app start-up raises US$7m from Atlantic Bridge and Samsung

18 Mar 2014

Eoin Dowling’s Silicon Valley and Dublin-based start-up BoxFish has raised US$7m in venture capital from Atlantic Bridge Capital and consumer electronics giant Samsung.

BoxFish is a TV app that processes every word spoken on 1,000 channels in real-time in order to deliver consumers TV content that is relevant to them.

The technology is currently available as an iPad and an Android app.

According to TechCrunch the company, which has offices in Dublin, has more than 100 third-party developers using its API and discovery tools to build their own discovery tools.

These include a number of consumer electronics and cable TV providers. Known customers include blue chip companies like AT&T, DirecTV and TiVo.

It is understood that the investment by Samsung will not prevent BoxFish from working with other consumer electronics manufacturers.

The company will use the funding to grow headcount at its Dublin office.

Media tech image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years