Dublin’s LetsGetChecked raises $12m in a Series A round

29 Mar 2018

Image: LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked, a diagnostics platform connecting customers and laboratories for self-testing, secures $12m investment.

LetsGetChecked has raised $12m in a Series A funding round led by Optum Ventures and Chinese investor Qiming Venture Partners.

Dublin and New York-based LetsGetChecked, a previous Siliconrepublic.com Start-up of the Week, was founded by CEO Peter Foley with the idea of using technology and logistics to bridge the gap between traditional lab testing and consumers.

‘LetsGetChecked is poised to become a leader in bringing easy-to-access and powerful lab testing to consumers everywhere’

The company’s portfolio of testing options has evolved to include lifestyle testing, cancer screening, sexual health testing, and fertility and hormone testing.

“Support from investors with proven track records of helping to modernise healthcare like Optum Ventures and Qiming Venture Partners is a true testament to the work we’re doing,” Foley said.

“With easier access to testing, individuals can change how and when they are diagnosed, leading to better clinical outcomes.

“Our goal is to provide individuals with greater control of their health through accessible technology, and to continue partnering with more labs and health systems to bring more specialised testing direct to consumers.”

At-home testing revolution


LetsGetChecked founder and CEO Peter Foley. Image: LetsGetChecked

The LetsGetChecked platform connects users with a wide range of medical professionals, as well as a global network of laboratory partners and logistical support, all from a personal health account.

With its patient-led approach, a user can order a physician-approved laboratory test without having to deviate from their day-to-day activities. The test kit is dispatched directly from a LetsGetChecked ISO-accredited facility and will arrive at the patient’s home within a matter of days. The test kits are completely anonymised, containing only a patient identifier to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

“At-home lab testing is the next logical step in building a consumer-friendly, patient-centric system,” said A G Breitenstein, partner at Optum Ventures.

“LetsGetChecked is poised to become a leader in bringing easy-to-access and powerful lab testing to consumers everywhere, and we look forward to helping them achieve that.”

All patient requests and results are reviewed by a board-certified physician, thereby mirroring what happens in a doctor’s office, but in the virtual sense. If a patient receives ‘positive’ or ‘out of range’ results, a member of the nursing team contacts the patient to provide support.

Only after that call has been completed will results be released to the patient’s dashboard where they can track and manage their results over time.

“We’re excited to help the company grow at a time when people want more control over their own health,” said Mark McDade from Qiming Venture Partners.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years