MenuPages deals fill 3,500 restaurant seats in a month

22 Sep 2011

Set up by Ray Egan in 2007, food lovers’ site launched a deals aspect to its site four weeks ago, which has filled more than 3,500 seats in restaurants.

“We have injected over €75,000 in to eight restaurants in four weeks, filled their empty days and handed over the revenue to each restaurant a week later. As MenuPages has food lovers signed up, we offer quality customers who will turn into repeat customers,” said newly appointed COO Keith Mahon.

More than 500,000 people visit MenuPages every month and so far in total 1,783 deals have been sold on the site.

Derry Clarke said working with the site has been a huge success for L’Ecrivain. “In 24 hours, we sold out at 207 deals, and got over a €10,000 injection into our business. However, the best aspect from the deals were the type of customer MenuPages attracts, they are really food lovers, not just deal hunters which you get off other sites. We have seen most of the deal customers purchase wine and coffee on top of the deal itself.”

Over the past year, there has been a dramatic increase in various deal sites, from Groupon to LivingSocial.

“However, as some clients have found out, not all deal sites work the same. For example, Groupon will sell on your behalf to a massive mailing list of just about anyone, regardless of their interests, age or expendable income,” said Mahon.

“At first it seems great, they sell 100 vouchers for your business and generate €5,000 in revenue — however, when will you get to see this money? The answer is very slowly; money is transferred as the vouchers are redeemed and if the voucher is never used then you may not see that part of the revenue ever.”

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