Microsoft Codess attendees inspired by Outbox Incubator

22 Sep 2015

Some of the Outbox Incubator gang. Photo via Edel Browne.

One of Microsoft’s regular Codess events took place in Dublin last night (21 September).

Codess is a forum for women working in the technology and engineering fields that is sponsored by Microsoft and which allows women to share their experiences and learn from one another.

The theme of last night’s forum was Digital Life, Digital Work and one of the speakers was Mary Carty, the co-founder of Outbox Incubator, the world’s first incubator for girls and young women (under the age of 22), which ran for six weeks in London during the summer.

Outbox was the brainchild of Carty and Stemettes founder, and Inspirefest 2015 speaker, Anne-Marie Imafidon. Carty was sharing the story of Outbox Incubator and memories of the summer at the event last night, which was attended by a number of the Irish Outbox Incubator participants.

They were happy to see their memories shared while other attendees were inspired by what the Outbox team had achieved. ran stories from six of the Irish participants in Outbox Incubator, who shared with us their experiences of the weeks spent in the Outbox Incubator house.

They talked about the excitement of the first week; the Outbox House’s pet cat; how the Irish contingent were taking over; the friends they made, the different sessions they enjoyed and the speakers who inspired them.

The full series of pieces written by these inspiring young women in STEM can be seen by scrolling through the articles at the top of this page.

Brigid O Gorman is a former sub-editor of Silicon Republic.