More start-ups in 2011’s first six weeks compared to last year

16 Feb 2011

There has been a 3.9pc increase in the number of new companies formed in the first six weeks of 2011, compared to the same period last year. Of those, 7.4pc are IT start-ups.

According to figures published in the Business Barometer, 1,761 start-ups entered the market from the start of the year up to 14 February.

Focusing on 1–14 February, there was a 9.5pc increase in companies incorporated, to 578.

The top 7 most popular industries for start-ups in 2011 account for almost three-quarters of all incorporations this year. One time it was the No 1 industry choice, but now construction has dropped to seventh on the list.

The highest percentage of start-ups (21.7pc) was in the ‘Legal & Professional Services’ sector, followed by ‘Wholesale & Retail’ (13.9pc) and ‘Social & Personal Services’ (9.8pc).

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