MyYuHu helps local retailers engage better with customers

9 Dec 2011

Colin Coffey, director of, Peter Carrington, founder of and Enda McShane, owner of The Ivory Restaurant and Bar at the launch of MyYuHu

Northern Irish start-up MyYuHu has launched a touchscreen database builder and communications platform to let shops store customer preferences to deliver more personal marketing messages.

The tablet-based tool lets retailers capture contact details and shopping preferences of customers in order to help them send marketing messages on a one-to-one basis through text and email.

The solution aims to help retailers promote deals to shoppers, which they can only get from a local shop.

“High-street stores need to respond proactively to the fact that often they are being used simply as the ‘window shop’ before the web shop,” said Peter Carrington, founder of MyYuHu.

“Consumers need attractive and compelling reasons to come to a store. For many, this may be the expert knowledge, personal service or great value on offer.

“However, if the business is not communicating this to their customers, then they shouldn’t be surprised if they are lured elsewhere. There are clear benefits to both the customer and retailer alike from cultivating long-term relationships,” he said.

There are flexible packages to suit each retailer’s needs. It also lets retailers segregate customers and allows them to send only relevant messages to them.

“Traditional forms of marketing have always concentrated on ‘telling stories’ while digital marketing allows us to now ‘build a story’ over time,” said Enda McShane owner of The Ivory Restaurant, one of the first restaurants to sign up to MyYuHu. 

“We are very excited at the ability MyYuHu will give us to tailor promotions and offers to our loyal customers. The Ivory will still continue to use social media sites, such as Facebook, alongside MyYuHu but we recognise that having our own CRM tool will guarantee that our customers are engaging with our promotions and offers while Facebook keeps our brand awareness high,” he said.