NDRC seeks aspiring tech entrepreneurs

18 Sep 2009

Technology entrepreneurs with ideas for applications in the web and mobile space can take advantage of one of three new programmes – Entrepreneurial Internships – launched by the National Digital Research Centre.

The NDRC launched these three new programmes along with an open call for proposals, and those in the technology space are being encouraged to submit an application by 30 October, with a view to develop a small-scale project to produce commercially focused web and mobile applications.

“This investment programme is an avenue for individuals or small teams with links to a third-level institution to pursue potential opportunities from idea to application in a supportive environment and among a set of peers,” said the NDRC.

The second new programme is the CTR Feasibility Programme, whereby the NDRC is seeking to collaborate with established academics as well as companies with potential collaborative research projects that could benefit from the NDRC’s guidance to market validation.

The CTR programme is focusing on health, education, entertainment and the environment, and the deadline for submissions is 2 November, 2009.

The third programme is the Collaborative Translational Research Programme: this is a second investment phase in further collaborative translational research. With a focus on the same areas as the CTR and with the same application deadline.

By Marie Boran

Photo: The National Digital Research Centre has launched Entrepreneurial Internships for technology entrepreneurs who have ideas for applications in the web and mobile space.