New IBEC guide to help companies with R&D funding

20 Mar 2012

Irish companies can now gain information about R&D funding from a new guide by IBEC, the business and employer association for organisations based in Ireland.

While a range of supports are available from various agencies and programmes, many companies are not fully aware what is on offer, IBEC said, adding that it’s particularly difficult for entrepreneurs to obtain information they need.

IBEC’s new guide to R&D funding opportunities available to Irish companies, ‘Unlock the Opportunities‘, identifies more than 30 supports available for research activities from more than 14 state and semi-state agencies and more than €11bn alone being made available by the European Commission.    

“We need to make it easier for companies to access funding. There has been a lack of clear information on the wide range of assistance available to companies for research, development and innovation activities,” said IBEC director of policy Brendan Butler.

“It can be quite daunting and time consuming for companies to navigate the sheer amount of different supports available – this problem is particularly acute for people starting a new business.

“Almost 50pc of companies in Ireland are now carrying out some form of innovative activities. Evidence shows that past use of these types of support have boosted the export resilience of those companies, making them more competitive in the global marketplace. Companies can use the information contained in the guide to select the approach that best suits their ambitions.”

‘Unlock the Opportunities’ includes information about venture capital, Government support (funding and grants), incentives in the taxation system and research collaborations in Ireland’s higher education institutions.