New online networking site AlphaStripe for war veterans

5 Jun 2012

A new online networking platform called AlphaStripe is aiming to connect military veterans and civilians who have been caught up in war conflicts.

The site, which is in beta mode, has been set up by graduates from Arizona State University, along with veterans from the US Military and US Airforce.

The aim of AlphaStripe is to serve as an online platform for military service members, military families, civilians and humanitarian aid groups to share war-time and conflict zone stories in video, photo, audio and text format.

The open platform is open to military personnel and civilians all over the world that who want to share their stories.

Those behind AlphaStripe have developed a database of military branches and service units. The aim is to eventually allow people to reconnect with fellow soldiers from conflicts so they can record and share their stories.

Right now the site has footage from Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, based on people’s first-hand experiences.

Once people create an account on AlphaStripe, they can also choose whether the footage can be open to all or viewed only by a select community on the site.

AlphaStripe is engaged in the SkySong incubation programme at Arizona State University.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic