The Europe Start-up 100: Who are the ones to watch in 2018?

26 Jan 2018

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Here is our full listing of the start-ups to watch from across Europe in 2018, split across the areas of fintech, SaaS, IoT, health/medtech and mobile/e-commerce.

The Europe Start-up 100: Who are the ones to watch in 2018?

So, here it is: the Europe Start-up 100. After noting the hottest start-ups to watch in fintech, enterprise/SaaS, IoT/hardware, health/medtech and consumer mobile/e-commerce, respectively, we now present the top 100 in one list.

Check out the complete Europe Start-up 100 below, or click on any one of the category titles to read more about these remarkable companies.

20 of Europe’s hottest fintech start-ups to watch in 2018

Who are the fintech start-ups in Europe worth banking on in the year ahead?

Advanon (Zurich) (Limassol)

Circle (Dublin and London)

CurrencyFair (Dublin)

Coinify (Copenhagen)

Fenergo (Dublin)

Gan Integrity (Copenhagen)

ID Finance (Barcelona)

Klarna (Stockholm)

Monzo (London)

Onfido (London)

PayFit (Paris)

Plynk (Dublin)

Receipt Bank (London)

Revolut (London)

Tide (London)

TransferMate (Dublin)

TransferWise (London)

Wefox (Berlin and Zurich)

Younited Credit (Paris)


20 of Europe’s most innovative hardware and IoT start-ups

Which IoT and hardware players are the ones to watch in 2018? Here, we list 20 of the most innovative and diverse start-ups to keep an eye on.

Actility (Paris)

Adveez (Toulouse)

Drone Hopper (Madrid)

DecaWave (Dublin)

DigiFlak (Tallinn)

Flo Live (London)

Graphcore (Bristol)

H&D Wireless (Stockholm)

Konux (Munich)

Lilium (Gilching)

Nexiot (Zurich)

Netatmo (Paris)

Relayr (Berlin)

Seebo (Tel Aviv)

Sensolus (Ghent)

Sentiance (Antwerp)

Sonarc (Dublin)

Waylay (Ghent)

Wia (Dublin andBelfast)

Wingtra (Zurich)



As Europe excels at deep tech, we highlight 20 start-ups to watch in 2018 in the areas of AI, enterprise and SaaS technology.

Algolia (Paris)

Anodot (Tel Aviv)

Chanty (Kiev)

Clarida Technologies (London)

Coredinate (Uffenheim)

DigitalGenius (London)

Elium (Mont-Saint-Guibert)

FlexyBeauty (Paris)

FreightHub (Berlin)

Improbable (London)

Intuo (Ghent)

Lodgify (Barcelona)

LogTrust (Madrid) (Dublin)

Paraşüt (Istanbul)

Payslip (Dublin)

Red Points (Barcelona)

Seerene (Potsdam)

SwiftComply (Dublin)

VST Enterprises (Manchester)


20 of Europe’s top health and medtech start-ups

When it comes to health and medtech, Europe is bursting with innovative new ways to help us live longer and healthier lives.

Ada Health (Berlin)

Amra (Linköping)

Ava (Zurich)

Babylon Health (London)

BrainWaveBank (Belfast)

Coroflo (Dublin)

Cortechs (Dublin)

Doctolib (Paris)

Doctrin (Stockholm)

Elvie (London)

Ieso Digital Health (Cambridge)

Ivbar (Stockholm)

Nuritas (Dublin)

Oviva (Zurich)

Popit (Helsinki)

SidekickHealth (Reykjavík)

SilverCloud Health (Dublin)

Think Biosolution (Dublin)

Wellmo (Espoo)

Xeltis (Zurich)


20 mighty European mobile and e-commerce start-ups

Which European mobile and consumer e-commerce start-ups are rewriting the rules of business for 2018?

Afrimarket (Paris)

Aptoide (Lisbon)

Buymie (Dublin)

Deemly (Copenhagen)

Farmdrop (London)

Foxintelligence (Paris)

Glovo (Barcelona)

Lingokids (Madrid)

Lightneer (Helsinki)

LogoGrab (Dublin)

Matsmart (Stockholm)

Na-kd (Stockholm)

Nu3 (Berlin)

Ottonova (Munich)

Pointy (Dublin)

Smartbox Group (Dublin)

TravelNest (Edinburgh)

Spotahome (Madrid)

Stowga (London)

Veri (Kilkenny)


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