‘Inspirational’ Ourobotics founder Jemma Redmond dies unexpectedly

17 Aug 2016

Jemma Redmond, former CEO of Ourobotics. Image via SVOD Europe

Pioneering Ourobotics founder and CEO Jemma Redmond has passed away unexpectedly, with the company commemorating her as an inspiration to all her colleagues.

Irish start-up Ourobotics has sadly revealed that its lauded creator Jemma Redmond has died.

A leading figure in the Irish sci-tech scene, Redmond’s company developed the first-ever 10-material bioprinter capable of printing items for use in medicine.

Essentially bioprinting human tissue, Ourobotics’ success was such that it took top prize at the SVOD Europe competition held in Ireland earlier this year. It was also included in Google’s Adopt a Startup programme back in April.

Owing to her exciting prospects, Redmond was a regular feature on Siliconrepublic.com, and the team here is very sorry to hear of her loss. Her passing caught many people off guard, with tributes already flowing in on social media.

Bill Liao, a venture partner with SOSV – one of Ourobotics’ backers – confirmed Redmond’s death on Twitter, revealing the shock felt in Cork, where Redmond was working on her company.

“Jemma was a polymath and a leading light in the biohacker community,” said Liao upon news of Redmond’s passing. “She was also a tremendously good person and supportive of many others. Her loss is really a loss for the world.”

Liao added: “I spoke with Jemma’s mother and Jemma’s funeral is open to all who knew her.”

Redmond was speaking at SynBio Future 2016 Conference only last month, discussing the future of bioprinting. A future Redmond, and Ourobotics, seemed destined to be at the centre of.

Disclosure: SOSV is an investor in Silicon Republic

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic