Patents Office to hold free IP seminar for Irish entrepreneurs

25 Mar 2010

Entrepreneurs and inventors will have a chance to develop their business ideas with a free seminar from the Irish Patents Office that will advise on best practice around developing and protecting intellectual property.

The free seminar, which runs on 26 April at the Patents Office HQ in Kilkenny, celebrates World Intellectual Property Day 2010.

It is aimed at the small business community as well as inventors and entrepreneurs and will focus on what business owners should be aware of and how they can take advantage of the value of intellectual property, eg, patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.

Speakers at the event will include a patent attorney, an innovation expert, an executive from Enterprise Ireland and a patent examiner from the Patents Office itself.

“This seminar provides a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs, inventors, people in business, or those thinking of going into business, to learn from experts about the importance and value of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright to business, in all sectors of the economy,” said Eamonn Laird, controller of Patents.

Topics covered will include:

– What is Intellectual Property?

– The importance of Intellectual Property Audits for business

– Commercialising Intellectual Property

– State Supports for Innovation, Research & Development

– Tax incentives for Research and Development

– Introduction to and Overview of the website

For more information, contact the patents office via email.

By Marie Boran

Photo: A free seminar from the Irish Patents Office will be held for entrepreneurs at the Patents Office HQ in Kilkenny on 26 April