Pavlok wristband zaps users to keep them in line

3 Nov 2014

The Pavlok wristband

From the man who once hired someone to slap him every time he went on Facebook comes Pavlok, a wristband that electrocutes you if you do something bold.

Like some sort of cyber-mammy or an iMafiaboss (patent pending), Pavlok keeps an eye on what you’re up to, learns your bad habits and planned goals and roughs you up when you get out of line.

Customers choose their goals on the Pavlok app and receive cyber-rewards for being good. “But be warned,” claims a, “if you fail, you’ll face penalties. Pay a fine, lose access to your phone, or even suffer an electric shock.”

Maneesh Sethi’s first impulse management ‘service’ was a few years back when he went on Craigslist, hiring a woman to follow him around and slap him if and when he logged on to Facebook. He said at the time, with perhaps red cheeks, that this increased his productivity four-fold.

“I know that electro-shock sounds crazy, but sometimes crazy works,” says Sethi of his new Pavlok product. “The secret to transformation is not to try harder, it’s to replace bad habits with the habits of excellence.”

It seems the world is taking note, this new project has already received more than three times it’s target goal of US$50,000 in Indiegogo funding, meaning we could see these devices sooner than you think.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic