PCH acquires e-commerce platform ShopLocket – plans marketplace for hardware start-ups

24 Jan 2014

PCH International chief executive Liam Casey

Cork-headquarted global design and supply chain company PCH International has acquired a Toronto-based e-commerce platform called ShopLocket, which offers hardware start-ups an entrepreneur-friendly marketplace to launch their products.

ShopLocket and PCH will create the world’s first end-to-end service offering that helps startups to create, develop, manufacture and sell hardware products direct to consumers.

“This acquisition puts us at the intersection of hardware and ecommerce, and allows us to authentically communicate with a tech-savvy community,” said Liam Casey, CEO of PCH International.

“The products will include wearable tech, connected devices and personalized gadgets. This is the future of creating, making and selling products for wearable tech and the Internet of Things. PCH and ShopLocket together are changing the face of global commerce for hardware makers and innovators.”

ShopLocket is VC-backed and was founded in 2011 by Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis. The company has built up a loyal community of “early adopters” who are keen to purchase new hardware products before they become mainstream. The acquisition also enables PCH and its hardware startup clients to set up physical pop-up stores.

The entrepreneur’s journey

“We are very excited about the huge opportunities this opens for hardware startups. ShopLocket is a fantastic fit for PCH,” Casey added.

“We admire the entrepreneurial spirit of the founders Katherine Hague and Andrew Louis. They really understand the entrepreneur’s journey and the challenges of making and selling hardware products.”

PCH runs two programs dedicated to hardware startups: an incubator program, Highway1, and PCH Accelerator for later stage startups.

“It’s rare to find another organisation that shares your exact vision for the future of the industry,” ShopLocket CEO and Founder Katherine Hague commented.

“It’s even rarer to find one that appreciates your work, recognizes your potential, and wants to give you the resources to make your vision a reality. We feel incredibly lucky to say that in PCH founder and CEO Liam Casey and the entire PCH team, we know we have found the perfect partners.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years