Ireland’s first online location agency

23 Mar 2011 is a new Irish start-up business which sources and provides a range of interior locations for advertising and filming photo shoots in variety of luxury locations for the fashion and advertising industry., which launched today, was established by 26-year-old Dublin entrepreneur Kate Moran, accommodates the marketing, photographic and film industry.

Moran said she created the company “to fill a distinctive gap in the Irish market. The biggest headache for marketers and film production companies is trying to find the best locations. Up until now, business hours have been needlessly wasted trawling through the internet in an attempt to match location sites to specific shoot requirements. Typical specifics include does it have a swimming pool filled with light? Are there bay windows? Can we cook in a country kitchen? Are the walls white? The list goes on! saves time and money and delivers locations instantly.”

Moran, who comes from a family with an interior design background, discovered her niche after spending time researching the market.

Last November, Moran confirmed her first high-profile client – Heatons Stores. Moran has continued to provide match-made locations for Heatons Stores since and has achieved high praise from industry gurus, such as renowned photographer Barry McCaul and top international make-up artist Zoe Clarke.

Since November, has provided unique and inspiring location venues throughout Ireland to suit all shoots, from homeware and seasonal fashion, to lingerie and swimwear campaigns. The launch of the site will significantly enhance the development of the business.