Pixsy acquires Binded’s blockchain-based image copyright platform

16 Sep 2019

Image: © Rawpixel.com/Stock.adobe.com

Binded will close its platform on 30 September, allowing existing users to migrate to Pixsy and avail of a greater range of services.

Pixsy announced last week (10 September) that it will acquire blockchain-based copyright registration platform Binded.

The acquisition will enable Pixsy to strengthen its image protection offerings for a wider community of users. The company already helps 40,000 photographers to protect and manage their image copyright online.

Pixsy was founded by photographers and provides image monitoring coupled with an expert case resolution service that recovers lost revenue for photographers and creators. The company partners with 26 law firms across the world and has handled 75,000 copyright infringement cases since launching in 2014.

Binded blockchain

Binded, which was founded by Nathan Lands and Oli Lalonde in San Francisco in 2017, developed a system of blockchain-based image rights registration for the creatives.

The start-up blends integrations with the US Copyright Office, Instagram and Twitter to monitor how copyrighted images are being used. It was previously backed by Starling Ventures, Social Starts and Vectr Ventures.

Now, the acquisition will give Binded users access to Pixsy’s full suite of copyright management tools, including international copyright registration and legal support, compensation and resolution to infringement cases.

Pixsy CEO, Kain Jones, said: “We are thrilled to welcome the Binded community to the Pixsy platform and believe they will benefit from the additional rights protection and enforcement tools that Pixsy has to offer.

“Our service delivers the proper level of legal protection that photographers deserve, empowering them to protect their images through comprehensive copyright registration and image monitoring technology.”

“Access to legal protection and support shouldn’t be complex and expensive, and this acquisition strengthens out offering to a wider community through a robust suite of tools and services.”

‘Democratising’ copyright

Lands, CEO of Binded, added: “Starting off in 2017 with our mission to democratise copyright, we’ve made it easier for creatives to take back control of their work by registering their images.

“Our goals align perfectly with Pixsy’s mission to fight for the rights of artists and we’re glad our users can have greater access to legal protection through Pixsy’s international network of copyright experts and law firms.”

The acquiring firm, which announced a partnership with Flickr earlier this year, has plans to increase its offerings following this deal, developing new image protection and copyright management features with the needs of artists and photographers in mind.

Binded’s platform will close on 30 September 2019. Users will transition to Pixsy, which will maintain current registrations made by Binded users through the blockchain. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic