Prague start-up Brand Embassy goes live with revolutionary social CRM platform

8 Jun 2015

Promising young Prague start-up Brand Embassy has signed up Vodafone, T-Mobile and GE Money for its social customer service platform.

Prague start-up Brand Embassy has revealed that Vodafone, T-Mobile and GE Money are among the first users of its new customer service platform.

Brand Embassy featured recently as one of our 12 start-ups from Prague to watch.

Brand Embassy’s cloud-based SaaS brings digital customer service channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, live chat and discussion forums into one interface.

The platform then uses a variety of parameters like post influence and topic to route requests to the most relevant customer service agent.

Businesses risk losing touch with customers

“Customers already have cutting-edge technology in their pockets — it’s businesses that need to catch up,” Vit Horky, co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy explained.

“Customers aren’t willing to wait on hold anymore to get customer service. They want to communicate with brands the same way they communicate with friends — on social media. It’s just easier.

“The many-to-many nature of social media creates a conversation that can get very complex, very quickly.

“Brand Embassy understands the complexity of a social thread and intelligently creates, prioritises and routes requests to the most relevant person – everything from an email-turned-angry-Facebook post to a simple ‘thanks’ on Twitter is captured and appropriately assigned,” Horky said.

Prague image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years