Research shows most daily deals are outside Dublin

15 Sep 2011

Research shows most daily deals are outside Dublin

Launched in May, aggregate site has found that nearly two-thirds of the 2,072 deals done between July and September this year applied to people outside Dublin.

In total, €7.45m was spent on deals during this period, giving a total saving of €14.78m (over the 2,072 deals done, 254,870 vouchers were sold). 

Some 17 of the 32 daily deal sites provide deals which are applicable to people outside of Dublin and seven are solely nationwide, such as Ibood, Gruupy and Blitzme.

Claiming to be the most comprehensive and technically advanced, sends subscribers one e-mail containing all the information they want on deals, by region or by category.

The Irish-owned site, which has had 950,000 hits since launch, can be tailored to find exactly what you want – be it an inexpensive dinner date in Cork or a trip to the salon for half price highlights in Galway.

“All too often people don’t want to search through the main sites and all the Dublin deals. While there is a perception that most of the deals are in Dublin, on any given day it is likely that there will be about 20 deals available on a national level, plus several for various areas around the country,” said co-founder Charles Maltha.