Salesforce Accelerate EMEA aims to help fintech start-ups scale higher

29 Jun 2018

Salesforce building in California. Image: Bjorn Bakstad/Shutterstock

Up to 20 fintech start-ups can scale the heights and sights enjoyed by Salesforce.

Promising start-ups in fintech, insurtech, regtech and other areas of the rapidly evolving financial services space are being urged to take part in the latest Salesforce Accelerate EMEA programme.

The closing date for applications is tomorrow (30 June), so they’d better get their skates on.

Accelerate is a four-month programme to inspire start-ups and partners across the globe to accelerate market introduction of AppExchange apps.

“The programme is currently open to Irish applicants and there will also be an Accelerate workshop held in Dublin in September,” explained Ludovic Ulrich, senior director of start-ups and AppExchange marketing at Salesforce.

Take the AppExchange by storm

Ulrich explained that the accelerator will be a virtual, online programme to allow for more flexibility and team members to participate, in addition to more types of companies around the globe to join future cohorts.

As a participant of Salesforce Accelerate EMEA, start-ups will benefit from regular virtual programming and in-person workshops at key points in the journey. Additionally, the programme is designed to share expert insights, development and go-to-market best practices for the AppExchange as well as provide the necessary support to help onboard a new partner into the Salesforce ecosystem.

The programme has previously run in the US and this is its second year in Europe.

“In the context of the Salesforce AppExchange, the objective is to fuel the marketplace with innovative solutions and, for start-ups, this is a hands-on way to fast-track their market debut on the AppExchange.

“The focus of this year’s programme is on financial services.”

The Salesforce AppExchange boasts 5,000 mission-critical solutions on the store and apps have been installed in 5m instances by Salesforce customers.

“What we offer the start-ups are unique resources to build on the platform.

“We’ll be assessing start-ups based on the innovation of their product in the context of the Salesforce AppExchange but also in terms of the impact of their innovation on the financial services space,” Ulrich said.

Salesforce building in California. Image: Bjorn Bakstad/Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years