Scurri along now: Wexford e-commerce player hits €10bn milestone

15 Sep 2017

Scurri founder Rory O’Connor. Image: Scurri

Scurri is on track to process €1bn in gross merchandise value every month.

Scurri, a cloud-based delivery provider for e-commerce merchants, has hit the milestone of €10bn in goods processed.

The company, a previous Start-up of the Week, was incubated at Waterford Institute of Technology’s TSSG research unit and was founded by Rory O’Connor as a platform to give online merchants essential management tools.

‘We are only starting to realise the opportunity to make personal delivery simple for e-commerce’

The company is marking the €10bn milestone by moving to new offices in Wexford town this weekend.

Scurri has seen a 300pc growth in transactions from January 2016 to January 2017, and a monthly recurring revenue increase of 151pc on last year.

Gearing up for the Christmas e-commerce extravaganza

Whilst Scurri can attribute the majority of the €10bn figure to strong sales growth within the UK SMB e-commerce market, the company still has to realise the impact of a major contract win with a global e-commerce giant that is due to go fully live before Christmas.

Currently employing 25 people, the new offices have an immediate capacity of 50, with room to increase that number in the future.

Scurri plans to hire up to 10 staff by the end of 2017 in a variety of roles, such as head of software engineering, senior and mid-level Python software engineers, and various sales and marketing positions.

“I am excited that Scurri has now processed €10bn worth of goods since we processed our first transaction back in the beginning of 2014, and we also expect to process €1bn per month in gross merchandise value of online shopping from September onwards,” O’Connor said.

“We are only starting to realise the opportunity to make personal delivery simple for e-commerce, and our customers are using us to make online shopping a magical experience.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years