Searching for a second language

10 Oct 2011

Lingle online

A collaboration between Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and NDRC, Lingle puts authentic texts at the centre of ESL learning.

Lingle is a start-up company emerging from a NDRC joint venture project, which developed novel technology for improved natural language search, applied to second-language learning.

An online tool that finds and analyses relevant, current and appropriate real news content from around the world, Lingle allows teachers to choose real content by topic, keyword(s), level and grammar points. It supports lesson preparation by highlighting relevant grammar points and vocabulary.

DIT and NDRC collaborated on the joint project to develop a platform to support ESL teachers and learnings. Drawing on natural language processing techniques and information extraction technologies, a core team worked to develop a solution focused on sourcing materials relevant to the level of the class.

The DIT academics combined machine learning and natural language processing know-how with second-language learning expertise to inform the technical development of this new platform.

NDRC contributed commercial expertise to shape the technology in a product fit for market. The product is now transitioning into a new spin-out company that is selling Lingle into ESL schools and publishers. Through the project, the team reached out to the ESL publishing market both to test the product and to understand demand for the solution.

Lingle automatically identifies grammar, vocabulary, topic and complexity from international, English-language news sources, and is available to second-language teachers at The Lingle team is ensuring access to current news with more than 1,000 news articles added daily.