Seven start-ups bid for €25,000 UCD annual accelerator programme prize

13 Nov 2014

UCD's Dr Amalia Scannell and Dr Emma Feeney, promoters of Sensible Solutions. Photo via Nick Bradshaw

Seven start-ups from University College Dublin (UCD) and the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) are vying for a €25,000 prize at UCD’s VentureLaunch Accelerator Programme.

Atturos, BlackLabBio, Cara Mobility, Insight Renewables, Magnostics, NovoGrid and Sensible Solutions are facing off at next week’s event, pitching to win the top prize.

Speaking in advance of the event Brendan Cremen, UCD’s director of enterprise and commercialisation said, “Through the UCD VentureLaunch Accelerator Programme we are supporting researchers to accelerate the process of putting knowledge to work by establishing new ventures to translate innovative ideas arising from UCD and NCAD research programmes into new companies providing value-added products and services with global potential.”

The seven start-ups in question:

Atturos has developed an innovative blood-based clinical diagnostic test to support the life changing decisions men have to make once diagnosed with prostate cancer.

BlackLabBio delivers technology solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry to enable improved production of high value proteins at a reduced cost of manufacture.

Cara Mobility is developing a platform to which interchangeable attachments can be added to assist wheelchair users carry out daily tasks such as working, studying, shopping and caring for their children.

Insight Renewables creates clean renewable and smokeless coal from biomass. It removes moisture and low energy components from biomass resulting in a 30pc increase in energy density over existing biomass fuels.

Magnostics delivers solutions for diagnostic test manufacturers based on proprietary nanotechnology that allows delivery of more efficient, sensitive and cost effective tests.

NovoGrid offers a software solution that enables distributed energy resources, such as wind farms, to reduce the cost of delivering their energy production to the electricity grid.

Sensible Solutions offers professional sensory evaluation services to food researchers and businesses for their food ingredients and food products. 

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic