Galway’s Siren teams up with Praescient to work with US government

16 Apr 2020

Philadelphia, the city where Siren's US office is based. Image: © Christopher Boswell

Through a new partnership with Praescient Analytics, Irish data intelligence start-up Siren will be able to access new opportunities in the US federal space.

Galway-based investigative intelligence platform Siren has announced a new partnership that will see its technology integrated into the systems of Praescient Analytics. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Praescient has developed an analytics solution that provides intelligence analysis to the US federal government.

As part of the deal, Praescient will be able to provide new and existing customers with access to Siren’s investigative platform, which was developed as a spin-out from big data and knowledge representation research at NUI Galway’s Insight Centre.

Future Human

Headquartered in Galway, Siren now also has offices in France, Italy, Cambridge and Philadelphia. The Irish start-up raised $10m in its Series A round, which closed in November 2019.

Working together

Katie Crotty, CEO of Praescient Analytics, said: “Siren is an evolution in regard to the next phase of traditional intelligence platforms. It provides organisations with the tools to understand and leverage how critical data is interconnected in real time, merging functionalities that were previously disconnected.”

Siren’s technology provides a combination of search, business intelligence, big data, link analysis and knowledge representation, which can be used to advance the way that organisations address data-driven problems.

Its platform will be integrated with Praescient’s advanced analytics solution (A2S), which is an adaptable intelligence solution designed with intelligence analysts in mind.

According to Praescient, the key capabilities of A2S include supporting operations in connected and disconnected environments; automated text analytics; geo-spatial analysis; automatic report generation; ad-hoc imports; analyst collaboration; advanced tooling for external data access; data replication and sub-setting.

Work with the US Department of Defense

Praesient said that its A2S platform has been developed from more than two decades of experience with more than 1,200 military organisations in 130 countries. The company’s customers include the US intelligence community, all branches of the US Department of Defense and all major US federal agencies.

Siren is primarily aimed at investigative functions within organisations, such as cyber threat intelligence, financial crime and law enforcement.

John Randles, CEO of Siren, said: “The partnership with Praescient opens up an array of opportunities for us in the US federal space. Praesicent provides us with a larger geographical presence and invaluable domain expertise.”

Crotty added: “We are excited to partner with such an innovative, groundbreaking platform within the data analytics space. Siren will be a vital solution to many of our clients’ intelligence and investigative requirements. Not only does it resolve their immediate needs, but it catapults them into anticipating and solving future challenges.”

Updated, 11.17am, 16 April 2020: This article has been updated to clarify that Praescient is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic