‘Start an Online Business in Easy Steps’ – new book

7 Feb 2011

Guiding readers from an initial idea all the way to profitability, a new book,’Start An Online Business in Easy Steps’ gives practical advice on how create a website that will get noticed.

Start an Online Business in Easy Steps is aimed at entrepreneurs planning a full-time venture, those interested in generating a second income, as well as offline businesses looking to generate an online income.

Its author is Jon Smith, an online strategist who has worked across four continents for some of the largest e-commerce brands in the world.

He has launched, run and sold his own businesses and has written extensively about website marketing and best practice. Smith is the best-selling author of 11 books, including Get Into Bed With Google, Google Adwords That Work and Dominate Your Market With Twitter and operates the online marketing agency Convert247.com from Barcelona, Spain.

Start an Online Business in Easy Steps contains numerous tips to remember and pitfalls to beware of and claims to teach readers to:

  • Find a niche and dominate it
  • Build a plan to make the business scalable
  • Establish and maintain a killer website
  • Generate traffic to the website
  • Turn users into customers and ensure they come back repeatedly

Article courtesy of Bizstartup.ie