Start-ups in the wild – tech roles compared, and submerged (infographic)

26 Dec 2014

It’s not an easy thing to set up a new business and set sail for the choppy waters of the IT seas, and here’s why.

Obstacles abound for small start-ups when they release their service or product to the wider world, with pitfalls coming in some of the most surprising of places.

From venture capitalists (Venturius Capitalias Richium) roaming the high seas, devouring what they want, to marketeers (Marketous Egomaniacan) promising you the world and delivering far less, it’s often difficult to work out the truth behind the claims. However, clearly it works, with the start-up industry employing people from the extremely skilled the to excessively under qualified.

Udemy decided to look into this, using its knowledge on the area to come up with as clear a picture as possible of what roles are out there, and what they represent.

In this infographic almost every facet of the start-up ecosystem is profiled, and related to some sort of sealife. And it’s wonderful.

Chess image representing business threats via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic