The deadline for this year’s Startup Boost is approaching

4 Sep 2019

Pitch night for Startup Boost Dublin 2017. Image: Startup Boost

Startup Boost’s programme prepares pre-seed start-ups for the next step in their journey, getting them ready for accelerators, investment and revenue generation.

Startup Boost’s pre-accelerator programme is set to return to Dublin for its third year.

The pre-accelerator, which prepares early stage tech start-ups for accelerators, investment and revenue generation, has been running since 2017. In that time, more than 2,000 global start-ups have applied for the initiative.

Just 120 of these start-ups have been selected by Startup Boost for its pre-accelerator programme, and these businesses have gone on to collectively raise $35m in investment.

Programmes are run in cities across Europe, North America and Canada. Applications to this year’s Startup Boost Dublin are now open, but won’t be for much longer. The deadline is 20 September and you can apply here.


Anna Merzi, founder of AlgoPay, speaks highly of her experience with the programme: “Startup Boost was critical for teaching me how to tell Algo’s story. When I entered the programme, I was having a hard time explaining our market and user life experience to people.

“Throughout the programme, the Startup Boost team and mentors helped me to craft a narrative around what we do in a way that directly contributed to Algo’s ability to raise a pre-seed.”

The programme will accept between six and eight pre-seed or seed stage tech teams. There are a few prerequisites that applicants need to meet before applying, which include a comprehensive business model, a minimum viable product and market validation or traction.

‘Programmes like Startup Boost are critical in acting as a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs to start their journey’

In a statement, Startup Boost said: “Working in tandem with keynote speakers, the Startup Boost city directors offer industry insights alongside hands-on mentorship, guidance, validation and the necessary resources for building traction.”

Participants in this year’s programme will gain exposure to potential sales leads and the opportunity to pitch and connect directly with investors and accelerator directors.

At the end of Startup Boost, participants can take part in the programme’s virtual demo day.

Founding member of Startup Boost, Gene Murphy, said: “The benefit of Startup Boost is that it brings a programme to help pre-seed investment teams make the next big step in an under-supported stage to prepare them for accelerators, investment and most importantly, revenue generation.

“Right now, when we are in a full employment economy, programmes like Startup Boost are critical in acting as a stepping stone for future entrepreneurs to start their journey.”

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic