8 start-ups you can get to know at Startup Next Demo Day

25 May 2016

Startup Next is ready to introduce the third cohort from its pre-accelerator programme.

Startup Next is a Techstars programme supported by Google for Entrepreneurs and Bank of Ireland. As a pre-acceleration programme, Startup Next prepares start-ups for accelerators and seed investment by providing teams with mentorship at an early stage and connecting them to a global network of investors, mentors and founders.

Over the past 18 months, Startup Next Dublin has worked with 18 early-stage start-up teams that have gone on to raise micro-seed, increase their customer numbers and be accepted into further Irish and international accelerator programmes.

This Thursday (26 May) at 6pm, the current cohort from the programme will showcase at the Startup Next Demo Day in the Bank of Ireland Workbench in Grand Canal Square. These teams have spent the past six weeks absorbing insights from key speakers in areas such as customer development, presenting, product-market fit, market sizing and funding. They’re now ready to meet and greet the tech and business community during the free networking event, and here’s what they have to pitch.


For a subscription fee, former Siliconrepublic.com start-up of the week Subwoofr provides a website-building and content-management system specifically designed for musicians. Concentrating on the needs of music-makers and their fans, features offered on these responsive websites include streaming, digital music sales, video watermarks and the facility for fans to request a gig in their hometown.


One of our 2015 start-ups of the week, EnergyElephant exists to help businesses make better energy decisions by analysing their energy data in tandem with external data such as location, smart grid and local weather. The result is a comprehensive dashboard where users can identify inefficiencies, opportunities, and all the areas where they may be able to cut back and cut costs.

Hello Bezlo

Hello Bezlo is a kidswear company co-founded by Irishwoman Clodagh Connell, who was inspired by the desire to dress her niece in clothing that reflected her interests – rockets, coding and science, the patterns and designs often only found in clothing labelled for boys. Launching this summer, Hello Bezlo’s ethical clothing collection aims to inspire adventurous young girls and spark their imagination. The online portal is also looking at gamifying the e-commerce experience through STEM games and quizzes.

Gecko Governance

Gecko Governance is a regtech solution that gives fund managers a live real-time view of all their compliance and regulation requirements from one central dashboard. Using this platform, fund managers can schedule and manage regulatory tasks while maintaining an independent verifiable audit trail of regulatory compliance. While currently in bootstrapping mode, Gecko Governance has established working relationships with Google, Grant Thornton, Deloitte, Moneymate and Dell, as well as receiving honours and recognition from Enterprise Ireland and Bank of Ireland.

Reflex Gaming

A Startup Weekend Dublin winner, Reflex Gaming aims to attract players with the opportunity to win more than just gamer glory. Through a rewards system, Reflex gamers can compete with friends (and foes) all over the world and earn points they can put towards prizes. Based in Dublin and Sydney, Reflex is currently inviting players to join its beta and battle on free-to-play multiplayer Dota 2.


One team you’ll have to meet to find out more, Ajen has a low online profile but lofty ambitions to make API development faster and cheaper. The three-person team has developed software to enable the rapid development and deployment of API technology, which allows for the targeting of market segments considered unprofitable by large companies and unservable by individual developers.


This start-up is so early stage they’re still building up their online presence and have only recently settled on the name AutoPixie (after Auto Job Card and Auticulate). The aim of the game behind the name is to demystify auto repair by providing clarity for customers and simplifying the language used by mechanics, all via an automated customer communication service.


Another one focused on motorists, TrustHub offers a platform to verify car sale ads, lending sellers authority and giving buyers confidence in who and what they’re dealing with. To earn a TrustHub seal of approval, both the car and the seller have to be up to snuff as the service checks the registration, NCT certificate, logbook and tax disc.

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Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.