Dutch start-up Taglayer hatches code to make every webpage unique

5 May 2016

Taglayer's Adam Shpilt and Dayyaan Hasnain

By simply dropping a piece of code into HTML, website publishers can turn a static website into a dynamic, behavior-based entity thanks to Dutch start-up Taglayer.

We met Taglayer at the recent Uprise Festival in Amsterdam, where the company came second in the Pitch Battle.

The brainchild of CEO Willem Drijver and CTO Timothy Verhaeghe, the start-up is targeting content-heavy websites such as retail or news websites.

“Basically, we make a personalisation software that, by dropping some code into your page code, helps a website move from static to dynamic-based content based on user behavior,” explained Taglayer’s Adam Shpilt.

‘This technology helps website owners get around tagging constraints’

“This technology helps website owners get around tagging constraints. Our algorithm detects user behavior and serves up the content of the page based on their preferences.”

Shpilt’s colleague Dayyaan Hasnain said that any website can deploy the technology by dropping the code into HTML code.

“The CTO Timothy has been working on this algorithm for two years and he has always been into personalisation. We actually believe this could change the internet,” Hasnain said.

He added that the company is targeting a B2B audience and is seeking online publishers and retailers to test out the code.

“The implications are endless,” said Shpilt.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years