The time for female founders is now, says SocialCue’s Evolyn Brooks (video)

31 Oct 2013

Evolyn Brooks, founder of Cue

Driven by curiosity and initiative, the number of female tech founders in the US is on the rise, according to Evolyn Brooks, founder of LA-based Cue, a cloud-based event-management tool. We met Brooks at the Dublin Web Summit.

Brooks explained that SocialCue is a social app that identifies attendees at an event that the app owners need to meet and enables collaboration even after the event among attendees.

On the subject of engaging greater participation among female leaders in tech start-ups, Brooks says she is seeing a greater number of women just starting up tech companies.

“I think it is a natural evolution, it’s starting to happen. We all use technology. We want to understand it. It is the curiosity that is driving women into technology.

“We are using it, yet we don’t always understand it and don’t want to always be asking a guy or our boyfriends to show us how to use it. So we are empowering ourselves as women to go to classes and learn how to code,” said Brooks.

“Whatever work you do, there is a need for technology, so you truly can’t escape it and really we just have to take the bull by horn and learn as much as you can.

“And before you know it, you are starting a technology company, like me … I never thought I would be here in Ireland at a tech conference, so all of these things are coming together. It’s amazing.”

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years