Tipp start-up’s app is No 1 in nine countries worldwide on iOS App Store

27 Nov 2012

One girl and her horse - Elaine Heney, who just wants to live and work in the countryside has achieved No 1 in the Apple Apps Store in 20 countries in just a few months

UPDATED: Chocolate Labs Apps, a rural Tipperary-based start-up founded by a local girl, Elaine Heney, so she could work from home and spend some time with her horse, has seen its latest app Nature Sounds go to No 1 in nine countries.

The app, which uses long loop technology, helps iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners fall asleep and relax to more than 60 natural sounds, from falling rain to the sound of the oceans.

Heney revealed that the app is No 1 today in Japan, Poland, Thailand, Taiwan, Hungary, Malaysia, Portugal, Ecuador and the Philippines.

“This means that since Chocolate Lab Apps started last May we have now got No 1 iPhone and iPad apps in 20 countries. A big milestone,” Heney said.

She added: “ I started this business mainly so I could work from home and daft as it might seem, bring on my horse.”

We first wrote about Chocolate Lab Apps in September, when it emerged that the start-up’s Palm Reading Booth app stormed the App Store best-seller charts in a number of countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Over the summer months Heney published some 15 apps from finance to health and lifestyle.

Heney also runs www.irishhorsemanship.com and www.greyhorseapps.com, two equine-inspired start-ups.

An overnight update from Elaine: “We’re now No 1 medical app in 23 countries since yesterday, and since we started last May have got number #1s in 30 countries on iTunes….!! And we’re now #3 in the US app store for medical apps!!!”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years