Galway’s Tr3Dent raises $350,000 in seed funding

16 Nov 2017

GMIT in Galway. Image: A G Baxter/Shutterstock

Tr3Dent’s technology lands cash injection to help it enable cross-organisation productivity and collaboration.

Galway start-up Tr3Dent has raised $350,000 in seed funding to accelerate the adoption of its business ecosystem modelling technology.

The funding round from undisclosed investors will also enable Tr3Dent to further expand its channel partner network and drive its business development and marketing efforts globally, particularly in North America.

‘The market for disruptive technologies that fuel impactful digital transformations is growing exponentially’

Headquartered at GMIT in Galway, Tr3Dent, a previous Start-up of the Week, has developed products that are already in use at more than 100 enterprises around the world in a variety of industries, including: management and IT consulting, high technology, telecommunications, smart cities, internet of things, and utilities, among others.

Tapping into a $1.2bn addressable market

Tr3Dent’s flagship product is a collaborative software platform that greatly simplifies the design and management of new and innovative business models and ecosystems.

Leveraging Tr3Dent’s expertise in visualisation technology, the platform enhances cross-organisational productivity and collaboration; organises and visualises complex information; and designs and manages new business models and ecosystems required for delivering digital services.

According to IDC, the global digital strategy service market reached $60bn in 2016 and is growing at a 10pc compound annual growth rate.

Tr3Dent has been aggressively targeting a $1.2bn addressable market via direct, channel partner and original equipment manufacturer sales channels.

“The market for disruptive technologies that fuel impactful digital transformations is growing exponentially,” said Kevin McCaffrey, founder and CEO of Tr3Dent.

“We are determined and confident that our unique value proposition, collaborative approach and differentiating technology position us to take the lead in this emerging market, while greatly improving the rate at which innovative organisations can roll out transformative digital services that support their global missions.”

GMIT in Galway. Image: A G Baxter/Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years