US investment bank Needham & Co to work with Irish tech firms

27 Jun 2011

Irish technology companies looking to grow their operations in the US or seek funding from US sources will be supported by US investment bank Needham & Company, LLC, which has joined forces with NCB Corporate Finance.

Together, NCB Corporate Finance and Needham & Company, LLC will assist Irish technology companies that operate in sectors such as clean technology, communications, consumer, enterprise infrastructure, healthcare, industrial and diversified growth, semiconductors and semiconductor equipment and software and services. 

Needham & Company, LLC has been instrumental in more than 500 public offerings raising US$36bn and more than 80 private placements raising nearly US$2bn.

The company has also worked on 275 merger and acquisition assignments worth US$19bn and more than 250 share repurchase programmes.

Ireland will spawn outstanding technology companies

“Ireland has a very entrepreneurial and talented workforce and has in the past produced a number of noteworthy technology companies, which have achieved international success or been acquired by international players,” said Andrew Malik, chairman of Needham & Company, LLC.

“Despite the current economic challenges, we believe Ireland will continue to spawn some outstanding technology companies with very real international market and investment potential. Working with NCB Corporate Finance, we want to not only ensure we can help grow some of these enterprises in America, but also to give US investors the opportunity to invest in some very exciting growing companies.”

Needham & Company, LLC is a US-based investment bank (and a partner with ESN North America – NCB is the Irish member of ESN) focused solely on growth companies and their investors.

Liam Booth, managing director of NCB Corporate Finance, added: “We have a long track record in assisting companies in the technology sector grow, raise funds and achieve their full potential and this partnership with Needham & Company, LLC opens up some very exciting new opportunities for Irish businesses. It also reaffirms the confidence US and other international players have in the real Irish economy and its potential to produce world-leading innovation and technologies.”

According to Booth, Needham & Company, LLC’s knowledge of the European growth and expansion plans of US companies can provide opportunities for the owners of Irish companies to bring on board a strategic partner or to become part of a larger organisation and industry player.

“Irish companies wishing to access public markets will, like those in most other countries, invariably look to the US and NASDAQ and Needham & Company, LLC’s track record will be invaluable in this regard.

“At the other end of the funding spectrum, the need for good advice and an understanding of the early and growth stage private funding markets in the US will benefit those Irish companies looking to raise this type of funding,” said Booth.

Photo, left to right: Liam Booth, managing director, NCB Corporate Finance; Andrew Malik, chairman, Needham & Co, LLC; Jonathan Simmons, director, NCB Corporate Finance; and Samir Desai, managing director, Software and Services Investment Banking, Needham & Co, LLC

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years