Webio makes it into exclusive Google-backed AI exchange in Zurich

28 Feb 2018

From left: Webio EVP of sales and marketing Mark Oppermann, CEO Cormac O’Neill, CTO Graham Brierton, and EVP of product Paul Sweeney. Image: Webio

Webio is only one of 10 global start-ups chosen for a new Google AI and machine learning programme in Zurich.

Conversational middleware start-up Webio has been chosen for the Google For Entrepreneurs Exchange AI and Machine Learning programme in Switzerland.

Teaming up with Impact Hub Zurich to host it, Google for Entrepreneurs has developed a programme designed to support and grow the next generation of data-driven and AI companies.

‘Ultimately, you want to give customers experiences that feel a bit like magic’

The week-long immersive programme, which runs from 12 to 16 March, brings high-potential start-ups from around the world together in a setting where they can establish connections with potential business partners, clients and other industry leaders.

In addition, it gives founders a chance to meet and be mentored by experts from Google and other leading companies.

Blackbox Connect accelerator

This is following on from Webio’s recent inclusion as one of 16 global start-ups that participated in Google’s Blackbox Connect 2017 accelerator.

Dublin-start-up FoodCloud was also selected for the Blackbox programme.

Webio is empowering companies to reach across messaging apps and voice interfaces such as Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Alexa and Google Home. It is using the power of AI to automate conversations via autonomous smart chatbots or blended live-agent engagement, while applying machine learning, NLP and its Propensity Indicator X to deliver optimal customer conversation outcomes.

“Our customers just want to be able to have great conversations with their customers over any messaging or voice-first platform, but doing this well involves deeply understanding customer context, and this is where AI and machine learning play their role,” said Webio CTO Graham Brierton.

“Ultimately, you want to give customers experiences that feel a bit like magic. Being part of the Google ecosystem can only accelerate our progress to this outcome.”

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years