WeQ4U wins EU-XCEL accelerator prize at UCC

6 Nov 2015

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs from across the European Union battled to win the EUXCEL virtual accelerator programme at UCC – via Diane Cusack

Online queue management system WeQ4U took top prize at the EU-XCEL challenge final in UCC at the end of a four-month accelerator for young tech entrepreneurs.

From a shortlist of 12, WeQ4U landed the EU-XCEL gong for its platform that replaces physical queues with virtual ones.

The start-up has members from Italy, Greece and Denmark, with its product already being implemented in theme parks, negating the depressingly monotonous turn-offs that queues are.

Runners-up were DataMine (which streamlines data services for scientists) and CRAW.ly (SaaS platform for wholesale businesses), coming from an original pile of 50 EU-XCEL entrants.

“The international start-up teams shortlisted for the final demonstrate the power of diverse multinational ICT-skilled European teams and there is a key lesson for Europe,” said Dr Brian O’Flaherty, EU-XCEL programme director.

“This must become the norm and mechanisms that allow multinational company formation, incubation mobility and European-wide entrepreneurship pathways will accelerate this.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic