Whogotfunded.com to track VC start-up deals

25 Apr 2012

Whogotfunded.com is a new site that’s aiming to be the world’s most comprehensive online venture capital (VC) database for people to keep an eye on the latest high-tech start-ups that have raised funding.

The site is set to go live in May and the company behind it is Digimind, a Paris-based digital intelligence provider. The company’s core business involves automatically collecting and analysing large unstructured data for its customers.

The Whogotfunded.com service itself will be free, and people can already register on the site.

Digimind said the site will track, in real-time, VC events and the latest deals in every industry and region in the world.

So how is Digimind data mining all of this VC information to put Whogotfunded.com together?

According to the company, Whogotfunded.com will automatically extract information from Twitter, web news and The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Apparently, the database will be updated every minute in real time. Digimind said more than 2m news stories will be analysed every day to track latest VC transactions and deals done.

“This is an exciting new venture for Digimind, involving our core expertise in collecting and analysing large unstructured data and converting it into actionable information,” said CEO Paul Vivant.

He said people would be able to search for VC news by location, industry and company name. Describing the technology that will collate all of the VC data as “text mining on steroids”, Vivant said Digimind’s technology is based on statistical, grammatical and semantic analysis.

Digimind is aiming to publish between 100 and 150 VC deals per day on the site, as opposed to sites such as Crunchbase, which it said currently publishes about 20 to 25 deals each day.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic