Advertising trends for 2016 show no digital slowdown (infographic)

2 Oct 2015

The question of what will be your advertising budget in 2016 is beginning to creep upon many companies, and, based off new findings, there appears to be no slowdown in online rewards.

The advertising trends for 2016 are understandably likely to be online-focused, but to what extent?

The estimates for online advertising spend in 2015 have put a figure of US$170.5bn as the eventual amount that companies worldwide will invest in the online world, but by 2018 this is expected to reach as high as US$252.02bn, according to Statista.

Based off new analysis for 2016, however, MDG Advertising has found a few trends that might at least hone where to spend your advertising money wisely, rather than just saying you’re going to spend your money online.

In particular, Facebook continues to hang in there as one of the biggest sources of online advertising given the recent milestone Facebook achieved with 1bn active users in one day.

Incredibly, MDG’s findings have shown that 20pc of the time the average person is online on their mobile they are on the social network, which only increases the importance of mobile online spend for 2016.

Advertising trends in 2016

Infographic via MDG Advertising

Facebook on mobile image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic