#DIF12 – Kids need to think of entrepreneurs as the new rock stars

23 Mar 2012

Director of Intel Labs Europe Martin Curley at the Digital Ireland Forum in The Convention Centre, Dublin

The director of Intel Labs Europe Prof Martin Curley told this morning’s Digital Ireland Forum in Dublin that we need to enshrine the success of successful entrepreneurs and encourage entrepreneurial skills at all levels.

Lauding the success of the National Digital Research Centre’s various accelerator programmes, Curley said it was vital that we create a supportive environment and ecosystem for entrepreneurship at all levels.

“We need to ask ourselves, how do we create the role models?

“We do have a skills shortage and so let’s make the successful entrepreneurs the new rock stars of Ireland.

“Not for the novelty factor, but for the sake of reference – role models – show the successful people with the attractive careers and draw students into the technology field.”

Dr Curley said there is a mindset that needs to change in Irish students.

“We need to get them to think not only of being employees, but being entrepreneurs too.”

Go to the Digital Ireland Forum microsite for highlights of the event.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years