Weekend takeaway: 10 tech stories you need to read right now

10 Jun 2016

Essential weekend reading: Dublin the world's scale-up capital; data centre jobs for Cork; Euro doodles for the week that's in it

Ten nuggets of knowledge to take away for the weekend, including: Dublin the world’s scale-up capital; data centre jobs for Cork; Euro doodles.

 1. ‘Dublin is the world’s scale-up capital,’ says HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan

If Dublin plays its cards right, it could be second only to Silicon Valley, not for actual scale, but for the ability to scale-up. That’s the view of HubSpot CEO and co-founder Brian Halligan who, after only three years in the city, is expanding his Dublin operation to 500 people.

2. Cork to gain 150 jobs as JCD Group plans to build €200m data centre

A €200m data centre that will be built on the outskirts of Cork city will result in the creation of 150 permanent jobs and hundreds of construction jobs, it has emerged.

3. Euro 2016 is here and we get Google Doodles to celebrate

Future Human

An abundance of flags, Father Ted quotes and giant inflatable hammers can mean only one thing: Euro 2016 is here and Google is getting in the mood with some Google Doodles.

4. Flying cars are tech’s next frontier as Larry Page invests $100m in Zee.Aero

Alphabet CEO and Google co-founder Larry Page has invested $100m of his personal wealth in a secretive flying car start-up called Zee.Aero. He is also understood to be backing a competing flying car firm called Kitty Hawk.

5. Nuritas founder Dr Nora Khaldi crunches the data of food

Inspirefest 2016 speaker Dr Nora Khaldi combines life sciences and IT expertise to search for bioactive ingredients in plants that have the potential to prevent or tackle disease.

6. Massive monument ‘hidden in plain sight’ discovered at Petra

Archaeologists have discovered a monument bigger than an Olympic-sized swimming pool at the historical landmark of Petra in Jordan.

7. Facebook brings out 360-degree feature for photos

You can now turn your panoramic photos into 360º Facebook snaps after the company rolled out its latest tool for a consumer base thirsty for innovation.

8. In Iceland, engineers have cracked a way to turn CO2 into stone

Researchers and engineers in Iceland are embarking on a new age of carbon capture after they revealed an astounding ability to turn captured CO2 emissions into harmless stone.

9. Twitter insists ‘no breach’ as 32m logins go up for auction

In the latest alleged data breach of a major social network, one hacker is claiming to have 32m login details, including passwords, of Twitter users on sale for 10 bitcoins (€4,000).

10. Le Clock Sportif: When Panini stickers and Euro 2016 collide

With Euro 2016 set to kick off, the silly season of online gimmicks is upon us. But this Panini sticker clock is a sight to behold.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years