Facebook is killing the YouTube video star

22 Jun 2015

Facebook is on track to deliver two-thirds as many video views in 2015 as YouTube, bringing in potentially two trillion views compared with three trillion for YouTube.

According to research by Ampere Analysis, Facebook already has more monthly active users across the board, with 1.4bn users in 2014, compared with 1.3bn for YouTube.

According to the analysis, Facebook is already making more money per user from online video, making an average monthly revenue per user of US$0.73, compared with just 28 cents for YouTube.

Until now, Facebook hasn’t been able to compete with YouTube’s ability to deliver revenue returns to content creators, but that might soon change.

The social network’s video views are rocketing and recent trials with content owners suggest it’s primed to become a plausible alternative to YouTube,” Ampere Analysis said.


Facebook is nipping at YouTube’s heels in the online video stakes.

Online video image, via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years