FPAI gears up for first Fintech Nation conference

7 Apr 2016

Ireland’s fintech scene is ramping up considerably this decade, with the Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland (FPAI) set to host its inaugural conference next week.

Last October, amid an increasing number of fintech start-ups, incubators, accelerators and established banks looking to the future of fintech, the FPAI was created.

Open to all fintech and payments companies from start-up level to fully-fledged multinationals, the group spans software and app developers, as well as established institutions involved in the financial sector, such as banks, legal firms and governmental departments.

Next Thursday (14 April), the organisation will host its first conference at The Marker Hotel, something it’s calling the biggest fintech event ever held in the country.

The one-day conference will feature panel discussions and presentations from expert speakers across the spectrum of Irish fintech. There will also be accelerator pitches from start-ups throughout the day and networking drinks in the evening.

For those unaware, fintech covers pretty much any technological tool, research or advancement in financial services, an area which itself is growing broader by the day.

To name just a few of the Irish-led fintech companies that have grown substantially over the last number of years, we have Stripe, Realex Payments, Senddr, Pay With Fire and Fenergo, which have all established themselves as well-known names in the sector.

In fact, a report released by Deloitte last March suggested that the fintech sector could create as many as 5,000 new jobs by the time 2020 rolls around and it was prioritised by the Government in the IFS2020 strategy.

“The association has come about as numerous people across the fintech and payments industry have realised we have a superb competence and experience in the sector,” said Colm Lyon, chairman of the FPAI.

“This event is a great opportunity for all those involved to meet and exchange views on the many advances and issues impacting fintech in Ireland”.

Main image of The Marker Hotel via William Murphy/Flickr

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic